- Hon. Shri. Kalyan Jadhav
Founder President, KJEI, Pune

President's Message

It was always my dream since youth to contribute to society. KJ’s Educational Institute (KJEI) was born in 2006 to provide quality education at an affordable cost to the youth, especially those from rural areas, to increase their innate potential & thereby contribute to the National Development. My mission is to give opportunity for employment to every student entering our institute. My aim is to motivate the students to contribute in nation building through entrepreneurship, higher education and disciplined way of life.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

The colleges on the campus have shown positive growth with each passing year. I will continue contributing by enhancing the facilities for the development of faculty and students. I pray to the almighty to give us strength for continual improvement of the colleges holistically and help KJEI to make a mark in the field of Education.